90 Days and Ship It! Jam 2021

Recently someone in a facebook group I am part of shared a link to this neat game jam happening currently. I am (as of this posting) 3 weeks behind already having signed up after the fact. So for me, this is going to be a “60 days with 3 weeks allotted for life getting in the way” jam.

Scoping a project (at least for me) isn’t super easy, as I always tend to underestimate the amount of small things that add up quickly. For this jam, I have set the following restrictions on my design:

  • 2D art
  • One button controls
  • Mobile
  • Simple UI

This is especially important to do because… it’s gonna be multiplayer. So that kind of adds a bit of scope right there. I am taking this as a chance to get more familiar with Photon Pun – I want to do quick, round based gameplay with simple matchmaking and for that type of game Photon Pun seems to be a good choice.

I intend to create a “flappy-esque” 4 player last man standing game. Maybe with hats.

I may end up shooting myself in the foot with this choice cost wise, but I guess we will see…. I have a plan for what I intend to make, and will post updates as the next two months roll by.

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