90 Days and Ship It! Jam Pt2

Hello hello. It’s been a busy few weeks for me so I didn’t make the progress I had been hoping to initially, but I am currently back on track!

FlappyCube (working title) has made some real progress. I have the core game loop in place – players can search for a game and if one isn’t already made they will make it. It all looks the same to the player though, and either way they see a little “searching for game spinner” at the moment:

I have the basic physics and network code in place for the game itself, it’s nothing complicated. If you are the local player, add force when you tap. If the character isn’t the local player (someone else on your screen), it uses a simple calculation to move that player to where they should be. This article on Lag Compensation using Photon was extremely helpful in getting this working smoothly.

In the last day or so I have created and (for now) finished the Login/Registration UI and have started to wire up functionality with Playfab. I am pretty happy with how these came out:

They have a nice swap animation in place using DoTween (Highly suggest this asset, and it’s free!).

Next order of business is to finish wiring up these screens to actually work so I can start diving into Playfab more (I want to set up unlockable characters and such).

Right now I will be happy if I have a finished version in time, so we will see what happens.

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