ColorRise was launched in June 2020 and is the first game I completed from start to finish. I wanted to make a simple hyper casual game that would (at the time) take advantage of what I had been learning. ColorRise is the result of that.

Imposter syndrome is very real, and even though I have a published title, I still have a long way to go but simply getting something out the door that is reasonably polished that you created is a great feeling. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to make games do this, even if the project/game is “simple”. Even if you wish you could make something bigger, better, and stronger. Plus once you do, saying “I am a game developer” *feels* a lot more real.

Also, don’t be like me. Back things up. Seriously. I made the game, and I no longer have the codebase for said game. Makes updating it difficult. #suckstosuck

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