New Years Resolutions & Blog Update

Honestly, I am writing this more for myself then for anyone else (after all, this *is* my blog). 2021 was a crazy year but I am looking to make 2022 as good as it can be. In the last year I:

  • Got married
  • Got hired for a dream job (mmo developer)
  • Got my first house

I am looking forward to the upcoming year and plan to be more active with this blog. I have a series of topics I know I want to cover in 2022 including:


  • Creating and using drop tables for “loot boxes” tutorial
  • More content on the economy options
  • Rewarded Ads tutorial
  • Leaderboards tutorial
  • 3rd Party login/auth (Google, Facebook, etc) tutorial


  • A complete room/lobby tutorial
  • A  chat system tutorial
  • Various additional topics relating to making multiplayer smooth and fast
  • More complete examples for various systems


  • Tutorials for both of these softwares, ideally with the entire process of Blender -> Cascadeur -> Unity

Game Design

  • F2P techniques/tactics
  • Game Loop design and theory
  • Monetization/Gamification in general


  • Developing for VR/AR
  • BNI development with the Neurosity Crown
  • Hololense development (if I can get my hand on one)

Obviously that is a lot of content and that isn’t even everything I want to do! Time will tell if I am able to make this blog what I want it to be, but I appreciate all of the views, comments, and feedback I have received (minus the 500 spam messages from “[email protected]” comments I keep having to delete).

As for actual resolutions (bet I am gonna regret this):

  • Keep up with the blog, posting at least twice a month
  • Continue to grow as a developer, learning and teaching new skills as I go
  • Start a YT channel since people can’t be bothered to read a long form blog half the time
  • Get in better physical shape
  • Release a second mobile game

Looking forward to a year of growth and progress. 

Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022.

*Image for this post taken from Etsy – gotta give credit where it is due.

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