UI Portfolio – Tenebris Rising Concept

Two screens created as a concept for a post-apocalyptic/zombie survival mmo that is laughably out of scope for me to develop on my own currently – so instead, here are two of the concept screens (Login/Character Select)

Main Menu

Honestly not a lot going on here, I went for a clean login with all of the typical fixings for such a thing. Stylized title text? Check. Semi transparent Email/Password box with theme appropriate password symbols? Check. In game patch/update window with information letting users skip having to google for patch notes? Check. Plenty of white space? you betcha.

Finale Version
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3

Character Select

This took a bit more work to get right and went through several iterations before I was happy with it. The image on the right is the final version. Each draft iterated on the last and I hope shows my thought process on this design.

Nothing really “Gamified” here – this is meant to be a concept for a premium title (vs a “shove offers in your face F2P mobile game”).

Most of this was created solely using Adobe XD (amazing what shadows will do for “pop”) but the character was a bit more complicated. I really wanted a 3D look. I ended up downloading a T-Posed Maximo model (seen above), importing it into Unity, posing it, and taking a screenshot of that. Using shadows and a few other image effects you get what you see above. A bit of an aside but easily the most time consuming part.

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